mind reading


well i suppose i can see how it might look that way to an outside observer


um since when has hair color been indicative of what color the ice cream you like is
can you imagine how few choices someone with black hair would have

um why would i hate you i do not even know you


Now, now, I think you have the wrong address. You’re probably looking for those assholes over on the Plasma Frigate, yes? Here, let me give you directions—you’d like them written in red, yes?

-Plasma Grunt Lucinda

All right, meaghanmaplecakes. I’m going to give you a minute and see if you can figure out why that’s a ridiculous idea.

…No? Very well. See, Cyrus’s plans to destroy the world and rebuild it the way he wants it and my plans of world domination are kind of mutually exclusive. I get things my way, he’ll still want to topple it all. He gets things his way, and I’m high and dry.

As for my failure of a son, I doubt he’d go along with any plan that risked hurting any of his precious Pokemon “friends”.


Ugh. I swear. You lose your temper and break something once and suddenly people think you make a regular habit of it.

Why yes, in fact, I have. My research has taken me to many regions.


Well, yeah. Who hasn’t?

-Plasma Grunt Lucinda